2024 RAWdi Gras Details

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2024 RAWdi Gras x Austin Marathon x UA

The most importantest details and instructions - Sunday, Feb. 18

Hey y’all -

First order of business, if you take pride in not reading an email in its entirety (like Jose) this is not the email to exercise that abysmal habit. So read the gosh darn email. Because if you ask me questions that are answered in this email I will ask you if you read the email and then it’ll get awkward and nobody wants that. Now for the fun parts…

If you aren't running this Sunday, then it’s borderline mandatory you be at the RAWdi Gras (thanks for the theme AND name Clancy!) Austin Marathon Party Station. Let’s face facts, some of you might not make it to the after party once we shut this bad boy down and that’s okay. We just need you to leave it all on the course, as safely as possible obvi. This is YOUR time to shine!

Please read everything below. There's a booty ton of instructions, details, shout-outs, and requests. Yes, anything in this email supersedes anything you might've heard or been told by someone else. If you have questions or have ideas, text or call Dyson (903.391.5461) or Jose (210.505.0119) or Clancy (214.799.6595).


Date - Sunday, Feb. 18

Time - no later than 6:45 a.m. - 10:30ish

Location - 3500 Enfield Road

Bathrooms - Aid Station 10 is a quick walk to the west and will have depositories for relieving yourself

Directions - (see map - please follow this route as various road closures will already be in effect - if you Uber make them follow this route, doNOT take no for answer)

  • come from MoPac north our south

  • exit Windsor Road, drive west (green)

  • take left on Robinhood Trail (green)

  • park where available UNLESS you're dropping something off (yellow)

    • Clearview Drive | Cherry Lane | Bridle Path

Important Details

Alright y'all, time for the important stuff. Before you read what's listed below, know that you can, nay, we strongly urge you to bring whatever you want: COSTUMES, beads, King Cake, masks, face paint, booze, food, noise makers, posters, chalk, purple/green/gold duct tape (yes, for Jose, but also for the course), tables (NEED), chairs, FRIENDS, whatever else your heart desires, and a TON OF ENERGY. Here's what we'll have:

  • not one (1), but two (2) DJs (The Fallbacks)


  • beads, masks, sidewalk chalk

  • 6-foot tall inflatable Mardi Grasaurus Rex

  • Clancy’s fog machine

  • 120 breakfast tacos

  • at least six (6) cases of Lone Star (thanks for bringing more Haack!)

  • two (2) cases of champagne and OJ (thanks Nate, Lianne, Birdie, and Another Broken Egg!)

  • one (1) Firekeg (Google it) + a couple bottles of Fireball (thanks Peyton!)

  • not one (1), but two (2) King Cakes (thanks Audrey!)

  • THE Yeti bucket (thanks Joseph and Nikki!)

  • world-class photog (thanks Courtney!)

Not sure what to bring?! Here are some ideas. Purple, green, and/or gold items. Yes, real gold. Extra beer from your Super Bowl party? Pack them. Random bottle of Fireball in your freezer? Snag it. Love to bake treats or make Jello shots? We will not stop you. If you and your friends are artistic make posters! If you have an extra 6' table or two bring them. Big cooler not getting used? Bring it and grab some ice. If you think we might need it, bring it. Yes, that includes Lone Star, you think I'd forget?!

Super Important Details

We'll wrap this up, promise, but this is the most important shit to know.

  • don't be an idiot and doNOT drink and drive

  • if you post on social, tag: RAW, UA Running, Austin Marathon

  • respect the neighbors, houses, yards, cars, etc. that we'll be near, they were actually cool as heck last year and enjoyed having us and they’ll be ready to rage with us again

  • don't be an idiot, don't ridicule or harass runners, support everyone

  • carpool if you can

  • there will be video, photos, live social media, so don't be an idiot

The Last But Not Least $6K Detail

If you’ve been living under a rock or still on that “social media break” then you might not know there’s gambling taking place and we’re betting on Mitch this weekend. Mitch’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year and his goal is to run under 3:20 this weekend and raise some money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This is his first ever marathon. In the IG comments of THIS POST, you can comment how much you want to wager. We’ve far-surpassed $6000 committed. If Mitch doesn’t break 3:20, then no one is out the donation. If he does, everyone ponies up. To spice it up even more there are escalator bets that include Dyson and Paras doubling their donations and beer chugging and costume wearing during the next RAW workout. Any amount committed is better than no amount. If you’re not commenting on this post right now then what are you even doing?!

This is it y'all. No more effing around. Bonus points if you made it this far and noticed the words that replaced all the curse words.

Love, Clancy and Dyson and Jose