CatLOVE, Water, and Sunshine

3 Quick Things

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Time to support one of our own

Please remember this is 100% optional, but as I mentioned last night after the workout, we take care of our own. Someone at Mean Eyed Cat, who has taken care of us on countless nights, has lost someone extremely close to them. I won't dive into the personal details of why we're doing this, but it's our turn to take care of them. The instructions are simple, the deadline is real, and yes I will track everything. Time to pay it forward.

- Venmo $5 or $10 to @william-dyson-52

- put your Instagram handle and favorite emoji in the comment

- deadline - Friday, April 26, END OF DAY

And to spice it up a bit, we'll randomly give away 5 pairs of Under Armour shoes for anyone who sends $20 or more. This is why I need your Instagram handle. If you have questions or concerns please contact me directly (IG = @williameugene52, 903.391.5461).


Here’s the water spreadsheet. It’s simple. Grab a friend. Sign up. AND DON’T FORGET*. There are instructions in the spreadsheet. Follow them. ALL. Provide the necessary contact information. Now let’s get this thing filled out for the rest of the year. We shouldn’t have another week where we don’t have water, especially with summer basically here.

*If you need a reminder, go to the spreadsheet.

Austin Sunshine Run

Need a race on your calendar? We got you.

Code - RAW20OFF

Wear your RAW gear. Run HAF. Have fun. Tag us and @uarunning on social.

- Dyson