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Hi all,

We know the lack of food at Mean Eyed Cat is a little tricky post workout - but just keep in mind the bar staffs extra people to account for our massive crew every Tuesday night. Shelby, Paul, and the whole crew told us that we CAN Ubereats, doordash, order food pick up and and bring it back, whatever to the bar after the workout. You can go pick up El Arroyo, Taco Flats, order a pizza, order Chinese, whatever you want to do to the bar on Tuesday nights no problem.

If you’re doing the Sunshine Run this Sunday - we have a code, RAW20OFF. Click here and sign up. Kevin Crabb has a whole workout named after him at RAW, and 100% of the proceeds go to sending kids to summer camp here in Austin. Great cause, great people behind the race. Wake up early on Sunday and go support the race (cheer, race, whatever).

As you know, we announced that we’re going to do some fun things with Trailroots last night including a discount at every race starting with Texas Switchback next weekend. If you want the code and want to race / have fun, email back or DM us on IG and we will send you the code.

On May 11th, Willy is having his annual crawfish boil with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Buy a ticket here.

That’s it, that’s the update.

See everyone this weekend and/or next Tuesday!